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Current Gallery: Humor and Miscellaneous
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Ray's pimp hat, baby

The Alpine Lounge from a Satellite photo - you can even make out the "line" from a recent day's racing!

SixFootTiger team logo graphic

Ray Murray's nightmare - he'll crash into every corner dot!

Our potential license plate

License plate for anyone besides Scooby or Tom Lane... :)

Speaking of Scooby...

Please Ray, don't hurt 'em (thanks to the XMAN)

Tom and Scooby (thanks to the XMAN)

Ain't cheatin' if you don't get caught (thanks to the XMAN)

Recommended pit gear at the end of the straightaway

Yeah, baby!


micro rs4 & autoart 2000 cobra r

A sticker EVERYONE should have on the back of their car...

Donated by an anonymous artist...

Finally, a valid reason to post pictures of Britney Spears on our website! :)

The Directions for an appropriate "Pimp Slap"