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Current Gallery: Mark's Rides
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Street Weapon, XXXs, Rally Weapon

Agressive shot of Beetle Cup "Killer BEEtle"

Artsy shot of Killer BEEtle...

Rear shot of the Cyrul-equipped Street Weapon. This is the chassis I use for Beetle cup.

The "Dark Rider" Peugeot 206 Rally Car. Color change paint goes from copper to green.

My first rally race... the green/purple Focus leading the pack is my Rally Weapon!

A shot of my "bassdude" Jetta, before stickers were applied.

Crossing the dry riverbed at Checkerboard

Beetle Cup takes the corner a bit wide and drifts...

Rally car digs into the corner at Checkerboard

My Matt Francis truck bounces its way through the log bridge on the way to an A-Main win at the Backyard Bash at Checkerboard

XXXT jumps up onto the wooden bridge at Checkerboard

My XXXs cuts the corner - look at those tires!