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Started with the rear... here's a shot of the back end, fully assembled.

In order to get enough ride height in the rear, I had to 'Dremel' off the nubs for the droop screws and cut down the other screw mounts a little.

I had to get the low roll center blocks in order to get the appropriate angle and throw; these are the SpeedTechs in the front, while the rear has Trinity blocks.

As with the rear, the front droop screw mounts were in the way. On the front, I just snipped them off.

I decided to "overdrive" the car by putting the optional 41 tooth diff gear in the front. We'll see if that helps the stability pulling out of corners...

Always a good idea to mark the gears so you can easily and quickly tell them apart...

Here's the front suspension. The car is coming along nicely!

As you can see, the car has appropriate rally ride height. Now we just gotta see how it holds up to the jumps!

I had to add an extra hole to the belt tensioner because the slipper clutch gearing is different; it made the belt "longer."

The slipper clutch installed - and finally, the belt tensioner properly adjusted!

The spur cover in place, everything looks good!

I bought the PRP Racing "Mega-Tune" shock towers; not only do they look really cool, they gave me extra tuning flexibility.

The towers have tons more mounting locations than the stock towers, and since I'm dealing with a lot of "unknowns" this gives me many more setup options. Plus, they just look trick!

I left the roll center high in the front for maximum angle... this = ride height. Originally, I had this backwards.

Here's the rear suspension. Visible hopups include Hammad Ghuman shock collars and spring cups, Matt Francis rear hinge pin carriers and roll center blocks...

I've improved the ride height and front travel substantially with my finally seeing the light...

...And the back is still flyin' high as well. We'll see how she handles the dirt!