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 Post subject: Doing \"Ghosted\" Painting
PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 1969 8:00 pm 
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I got an email request asking me how I did a particular paintjob on the site, so I figured I'd share...

[i:3qa3kqv3]Hi there,
i was having a look through the 'six foot tiger' website and noticed this ferrari that you painted with the ghosted silver paint.


i was just wondering how i could do a paint job like that? what kind of paint do i need? where can i get it? and how do i apply it?

any info you could share would be really helpful,

thanks alot,

No problem!

I use Faskolor paints (by Parma) and they have “Faschange” colors (I have red, blue and purple.) They don’t come in cans, you need to use an airbrush. Mine’s a Badger Crescendo, but you don’t need a super fancy one to do this sort of paint job.

To do the Ferrari, I masked off the area to be “ghosted,” then painted the main color (silver.) I peeled back the mask, and then applied a thin, barely there coat of Faschange Purple. After letting it dry for a while (crucial!) I backed it with the same color I did the main car body in. Back it with your favorite backing paint (I prefer Pactra’s Flourescent cover coat – but let the Faskolor dry for 24 hours MINIMUM before using it!) and you’re good to go!

I also used Faschange to do the Pirate sword with the “Magical Bloodstain” and the hoods of the Bassdude car and the Lightning Mazda.

A few things about Faschange:
[list:3qa3kqv3][*:3qa3kqv3]I’d recommend that you practice on scrap lexan to find the right amount of the “change” paint to use – it’s easy to use too much[/*:m:3qa3kqv3]
[*:3qa3kqv3]It works much better if you back it with flat or gloss paint; pearls tend to interfere with the color-change effect[/*:m:3qa3kqv3]
[*:3qa3kqv3]Make sure you allow at least 30-60 minutes between colors; you don’t want the Faschange to “meld” with the backing color[/*:m:3qa3kqv3][/list:u:3qa3kqv3]

Hope this helps!

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 1969 8:00 pm 

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Cool. I like the ghost effect

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