R/C Calculator
version 1.6 released

You have reached the homepage of the R/C Calculator. Not too much here except a link to download the calculator from. I will be including some install instructions and other information as time permits.

Future Enhancements:
1. Ability to store transmission ratio
2. Ability to see a range of roll-outs

v1.6 changelog (9/15/2008)
1. Added Find a Pinion for an FDR, something common with the brusheless motors.

v1.5 changelog
1. Added Gear Ratio calculator for when you don't need to factor in tire diameter

v1.2 changelog
1. Now auto-detects inches or millimeters based on tire size entered

v1.1 changelog
1. Tire diameter now accepts a float

Click Here to download rc_calculator.prc

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